Valentine's Day TIps

Valentine's Day Tips 

A lot of people think that on Valentine's day you need to go big but that isn't true. My advice is to keep it simple. 3 gifts: Chocolates, flowers, and one personal gift. What i mean by personal gift is get them something that is special for them instead of a generic valentine's day gift, that way they will have the experience while still getting something that is meaningful for just you two. Lastly don't feel the need to go overboard with the dinner. If you cant afford it go somewhere cheaper like Olive Garden, but stay away from a pub or burger place. Now i already hear you, "What if this isn't enough and they end up breaking up with me"? If they are going to break up with you because you didn't spend enough money on them, then they are not the "One" for you. You need someone who wants you not your money so look for someone that wants just you.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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