Why should women ?‍♀️invest in real estate??

by: Jennifer Sanchez

Why should women ?‍♀️invest in real estate?? We just interviewed Tanya Flores fromhttps://academiatriunfadores.com/ to discuss this important topic. She is a real estate investor, trainer, speaker, writer, and a serial digital entrepreneur. Tanya will shares how investing in #RealEstate was her saving grace? when her husband had a stroke. ?‍♂️ Watch the playback on Facebook to learn her three simple tips on how you can get started! 

Did you know that even if you are a #DACA recipient you can still purchase a home? We had Eva Sanchez, a Real Estate Broker from http://www.seeyourhouserighthere.com/ discuss the options? and what can be done??! 

Also, have you ever wondered what is a #Sanctuary City? Did you know that Chicago has been a ⛪Sanctuary city for more than 30 years?? We had an amazing conversation with ⚖️Attorney Salvador Cicero from http://cicerovargas.com/. He discussed the difference between law enforcement in cook county and their viewpoint about a Sanctuary city. In addition, we discuss what to do with your assets in case you are in fear of deportation. 

Make sure to tune in to our FB live this Saturday from 4:30 to 6:30. Culture Impact Show on EvolutionPOP will be part of 

Join me Jennifer Sanchez from The Culture Impact Radio show on EvolutionPOP this Saturday from 4:30 to 6:30 on #FBLIVE. We will be live with Lisa La Boriqua at BBMC Mortgage, Sandra Rodriguez, and Jose A Rodriguez during their Salsa Speed Networking Event for #Businesses! We will get to broadcast the entire event, as well as, interview some guests at TJam Kitchen. Have any questions about our show, contact Jen Sanchez at thecultureimpact@gmail.com.

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