Retro J

Yo!! What Up?

It’s the big homie JaMar A.KA. Retro J!

I am what most consider to be a “Elder Millennial”

Too old to the young, and too young to the old.

I am married with two kids, and work full time in Corporate America.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University.

Growing up in the Chicagoland area, I witnessed and experienced a lot.

More importantly, I learned a ton!

I’ve always had the dream to share my experiences with the world through radio and television, which is what brought me to IMS.

I am a writer and currently learning to direct and produce.

I met Scoota B A.K.A Brittany in class, and we both share the same ambition to be great, by making our voices heard.

I am an analytical thinker which allows my creativity to take me to new heights.

Scoot and I developed the NiteKap to share a spectrum of views for the vast generation of Millennials.

She dishes the younger view and I bring the Nostalgia.