Sabrina Rencher is an On-air Radio Personality for Evolution Pop Dot Com. Who has an all-star lineup of celebrity interviews and have host several red carpets. Before all this came about Sabrina spent 7 years working in the Human Resource field, assisting top management teams and running a busy airport operation that consisted of over 450 employees. After having a successful career in HR, Sabrina found her passion on a different path. This new path involves public speaking, interviewing and on-air talent.

Sabrina enjoys working out consistently to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep up with her 2 growing teenagers. She has a fire in her heart for Gods people who she loves to interact with by making them laugh, listening to success stories, creating lasting friendships on and of air. Sabrina’s availability to give back to her listeners is priceless and she does it sincerely. You can reach Sabrina at