Kelly Palmiter

Kelly has been feelin’ the beat and groovin’ since he was a child in the ‘80s and dancing on linoleum. He danced for fun through his teen years and into his twenties. He then learned Swing dancing in 2000 and took to it like a man possessed.  Throughout his dance journey he has learned many different styles of dance, from different forms of Swing, to Hip-Hop, to Ballroom, to Rueda de Casino, and so many more.  Throughout that time, he has won both National and World titles, in multiple forms of dance.

He has taught students of every age and ability throughout his career.  Whether it’s helping them be more confident, or for a special event, or to compete, Kelly helps them achieve any and all goals that they set.  He also co-wrote the Balboa Syllabus used worldwide by the Arthur Murray Inc. franchise. His creative and energetic style of using previous knowledge and body mechanics, along with his adult learning studies, and bigger picture approach, make learning fun and intuitive.

On top of his quest for learning the history, and the why, of each dance and culture, Kelly has also DJed and Emceed different dance events across the country.  He was co-DJ for Detroit’s longest running Swing night and has been emceeing events of different types and sizes since 2007.  He continues to share and cultivate the love for dance in any way he can.